Show #357

We had returning champion, David Shocket, back in the Bunker.

So, Sarah Plain and Tall endorsed the Blowhard.  And her word salad was just lovely.

And her son, Track, was arrested for domestic violence while she was endorsing the blow hard.

The Obama administration got 4 prisoners released from Iran and apparently the GOP thinks it was bad.

Then, as usual, with very little time left, we started a discussion that was finished off the show.

In fact, as this is being typed, they are STILL talking about the Oscars.

Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

Talk at you next week.

3 Responses to Show #357

  1. Have you guys blown a mic? Who’s that Dalek?

  2. I kind of thought that Joaquin Phoenix should have won over Jamie Foxx…does that make me racist? Or is it because I identify more with Johnny Cash than Ray Charles? Or maybe I explore whether or not I have some hidden issue with blind people. Hmmmmm Is it possible that we all identify more with archetypal characters who are similar to ourselves? And in some instances the story telling process is good enough that it takes us above the physical appearance and just into wants/needs/desires/struggles/triumphs? Tyler Perry’s suggestion of transparency in the voting might be a good tell as to whether or not the voting is racist. I don’t know. I think if we have some footage of the voting people sitting at a table saying “No way I’m voting for that black guy.” then, that is racist. But to boycott an awards show….I don’t know that does anything. Would Martin Luther King boycott the Oscars or would he celebrate the achievements and point out places where we can continue improving? Love you guys! PS – Nick, don’t blow up my FB F-Bombs, I’m running for school board. 🙂