Show #458

We had a guest in the Bunker, Jackie Dagg along with David, Nic and Jody.

Emma Gonzales is Jody’s spirit animal.

Jared Kushner and John Kelly are having issues in the WH.

Twitter gets rid of Russian bots and conservatives go nutts.

Jody wanted to talk about the Florida legislators not allowing debate on gun control, 45 wanting to get rid of heating assistance to seniors, the 13 indictments, right wingers lying about the victims of the shooting last week, and much usual.

Plus, Religion talk!

And so much more.

Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

Talk at you later!!

3 Responses to Show #458

  1. Avatar Michael Lee
    Michael Lee says:

    OMG, I can’t believe I agreed with Nic. His stance on the Bible and religion was correct. Jackie was an intolerance enabler by not acknowledging the problems with religion, and in particular Christianity.

  2. Avatar Thomas T. Panto
    Thomas T. Panto says:

    I do not pull a trigger without clearing the chamber.

  3. When a murder weapon goes off without your intention then you are unqualified to have a murder weapon.