Show #569

David was in the Bunker with Jody.

We had a thing or two to say about Tara Reade and Eva Murry.

We are past 70 thousand US Souls that have died due to Trump’s ineptitude.

Dr. Bright’s whistleblower complaint is out.

And much more!

Hope you enjoy this week’s installment

Talk at you later!

One Response to Show #569

  1. Avatar Scott Wilson
    Scott Wilson says:

    I am not uncertain to my disdain for David, though I am uninterested each and every other week he is on, and I do discover that I am spiritless after listening to the show when he’s on.
    Why complain about social distancing when David is sitting with you in the bunker? At least Legs is calling it in. Which island did he say he was on? Maybe he needs a Wilson.
    David can hold up the Dems as saviors but he needs to explain the shitty Covid Emergency fund. $1200 doesn’t do a damn thing, the corporations who received millions have no oversight, and the small businesses that got money have 3 weeks after cashing their check to make a 1st payment. How are small businesses supposed to make payments when they’re not open for business? And who came up with all this? Dems. Stop demonizing people who are just trying to get out from under.
    Biden. He’s a creepy, old man who’s having trouble getting his thoughts out and saying them coherently. Biden wasn’t my 1st choice but I cringe knowing he’ll be my last. But really, isn’t there someone else?