Show #570

Sean and I were in our respective Bunkers. There was a bit of echo, sorry. It happens sometimes. We’re going to try a different way to do it next time.

Trump and Covid.

Trump and women.

Elon Musk is losing it.

And much more!

Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

Talk at you next week!

2 Responses to Show #570

  1. Avatar Marie-Elle Des Landes
    Marie-Elle Des Landes says:

    Hello from Montréal!
    I like your podcast, but the sound is horrible.
    Maybe listen to it before posting on line ?
    In this episode I could only ear Jody with an echo for the entire first part.
    Love the show !

  2. Avatar Carole Davis
    Carole Davis says:

    I like Legs but I love Jody more, I’m sorry, not sorry, Legs, but it just is. This show was just weird. Legs wasn’t there then he was but Jody was front and center then Legs was there. It was like Legs was walking around my garage and going outside while still talking as Jody was only two feet away. The show was entertaining at times, but also annoying. We need to have this COVID-19 to be over so that we can get Legs back in the bunker. I am glad that Legs is practicing social distancing, but I am surprised that David, who seems to find himself intellectually superior, doesn’t have the common sense to practice it. Unless, he had the foresight to see the agony us listeners would go through when Legs is on the show with the tele-whatever he’s doing. Maybe, David is smarter than I thought. No, that’s doubtful. What I could hear and understand of this show I still find the podcast one of my top five go-to shows. Keep up the good work, get Legs back in, and maybe stuff a mask in David’s mouth.