Show #571

David and Jody were in the Bunker.

Trump v SCOTUS.

Pompeo and the firing of the IG v GOP and DEM Congress people.

Jane Roe and the new documentary about her is about to come out.

What we are watching during these times.

And much more!

Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

Talk at you next week!

4 Responses to Show #571

  1. Avatar Michael Hunsinger
    Michael Hunsinger says:

    Good Show but –
    You know what I miss?
    I miss the conversation.
    Jody says something, David goes on and on then Jody moves onto the next thing and David takes the baton and runs with it, which really gives me the impression that David must think he’s not being heard by anyone but takes it upon this show to verbal dump issues that happen to be at top of his mind. As much as the last show was a nothing but a car crash at least Sean seems to be engaged; listens and responds, not just to wait for his turn to speak.
    Maybe David needs his own show, it’s not like we haven’t heard him go on and on for the majority of shows he’s on, why not get him his own podcast and let Sean and Jody go back to how they were, and grab Rick while you’re at it. I miss Rick, too.

  2. Avatar Rob Strom
    Rob Strom says:

    I love Jody – I was introduced to her on the Bob Cesca show and find her to be intelligent, coherent and very funny. Listened to two “From the Bunker” podcasts so far, and unless David STOPS FUCKING INTERRUPTING every sentence Jody tries to complete I will never listen again. My God man, at least let the woman complete her thought before you spew your verbiage all over the place

  3. Avatar Teje D Witcher
    Teje D Witcher says:

    Hi Jody, I love your show, and all the shows that you are a guest on. You always have great insight, and are always on top of the current political discourse. Thanks for what you do. I have only one gripe about your show…..David! He talks too damn much! When I tune in, I am looking to hear what YOU have to say on your given topics, but i never get the chance to hear you, because David id ALWAYS interrupting. Are you even aware that he does that? It must be a “David” thing because David Ferguson from Bob Cesca is always interrupting everyone as well. Anyway, it is YOUR show, take back some control, and make David please be quiet more, or at least wait to comment on things until you have stopped speaking. It’s the polite thing to do. Thanks for listening!

  4. I agree to the previous posts. The interrupting from David was more frequent and extremely blatant on this show. Jody couldn’t even finish her sentence let alone state her thoughts and opinions on a topic without David talking above her and cutting her off. Last time I checked on what was the proper procedure for a “Conversation” between two people it required the other person to stop talking and “Listen” and ask questions or reply to what the other was saying. Failure to do so does not make it a “Conversation” but a “Lecture”.