Show #616: 12th Anniversary Show!

Legs, David, and Jody were in the Bunker for the 12th Anniversary of the show!

WOO and HOO!

Take a listen.

Hope you enjoy our trip down memory lane and current events. Except the Matt Geatz story, it broke just as we finished…darnit!

Talk at you next week.

2 Responses to Show #616: 12th Anniversary Show!

  1. Avatar Barbara Panigot
    Barbara Panigot says:

    Glad you three could get together in person!!! I like the energy of an in person show.

  2. Avatar Terri Brauch
    Terri Brauch says:

    Can I just say that over these many years I have found this podcast to be irrational, irreverent, and irresponsible at times. And all along the way I have enjoyed each and every show. Jody is absolutely fabulous at captaining the ship, David is a great first mate, and Legs…well, I think he’s down at the bar making the elderly couples laugh as the lonely young windows look at him longingly. I miss Rick, and dare I say, I miss Nick as well. But I miss Rick more. I wish you all the best, I will continue to listen, and I’m with Legs that you should do a video podcast. Everyone is doing it, why should you guys be any different. Plus then we can not only laugh along with you but at you as well. Just being real.
    Keep up the good work, here’s to many more years ahead.