Show #653

Legs and Jody were in the Bunker!

Mark Meadows and some members of Congress are gonna be going through some things due to text messages on Jan. 6th.

The DC AG is suing the Proud Boys and others due to their involvement in the insurrection.

Condolences to those affected by the tornadoes.

And much more!

One Response to Show #653

  1. Sadly, every time I’m ready to start joining your patreon, you start your whispering with Legs again. If you listen to your own podcast, you’ll frequently hear your volume go from normal tone to pillow-talk breathy type whispers for a couple of sentences; even longer, if he joins in. A) kinda creepy, B) if you don’t want people to hear it, just don’t bother to say it. Other than that, I love the podcast – you have some great information, and it’s loads of fun. (Love you on Bob Cesca’s show, too – where you don’t do the awful whispery thing!). I used to be able to go back 15 seconds, up the volume, listen to the pillow-talk, then put the volume back up. Your new format doesn’t do that. 🙁