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  1. Avatar Chicken Dinner
    Chicken Dinner says:

    Does Nic need a bio?

  2. I was looking for something and stumbled on this site. Interesting. I have bookmarked it and when more time…will come back and look more closely. Right now…trying to raise funds to keep roof over my head…not having much luck. Best I get back to my project. Thank you for this site…anxious to get back BUT scared to go back to living in my van SO THAT IS MY TOP PRIORITY! Am 64 yrs, not good health. VERY SCARED! PRAYERS GREATLY WELCOME!!


  3. Avatar Patty McKowen
    Patty McKowen says:

    So happy to have added your podcast after hearing you on Stephanie Miller. I have a Tuesday alarm set: Jody Hamilton 8:00am.

    And I have to say that after I got used to the idea of being abandoned by Chris Lavoie, I hoped hoped hoped that you would replace him. When they announced John, well, what to say? How about this: I had been planning to order the Stephcast for my son’s 30th birthday but tossed that idea right out the window. I’m hoping that Steph will continue to inch him closer and closer to the door and that you will come on board when she inevitably gives him the boot.

    Thanks for your show. I love it!

    • Avatar fromthebunker
      fromthebunker says:

      Thank you Patty for the lovely comment. Still not me. John is doing a great job, but obviously they needed 3 people to replace Chris. He was great at the job. Glad you enjoy me on Steph’s show and enjoy our little show. Have a great holiday. Hope your son enjoy’s the Stephcast! Take care, Jody

  4. Avatar Clay Marques
    Clay Marques says:

    Hello this is Clay Marques. I don’t know if you remember me from Colorado Institute of Art. I hope you are doing well Jody.

  5. Jody, This is going to probably blow your mind??? Let’s see how good your memory is…I think I owe you $100 or a sofa, your choice. Since I have to leave at least a first name with this reply, it may help you to remember. I won’t go all anonymous on you. Think UOP. Glad to see you are doing well. I would personally like to contact you to discuss a script I have written. Perhaps not the forum for such, but I had no other way to get in touch with you. All my best-

  6. Hi
    This is for Jody
    I got to meet you and your beautiful husband Saturday night at Stephanie’s show. I just have to tell you that the bad lighting in her basement does not do you justice. You are absolutely beautiful. I don’t know who wins ‘cutest’–you or your husband but I think it’s a damn close tie. Thank you for being so sweet and having such an open heart. I have some pictures I’m going to post on Twitter but I wanted to give you a personal note here.
    Again, great meeting you. I am surely a fan ?

    Kelly House

  7. Avatar James Etling
    James Etling says:

    More a question for Ric about the Cincinnati family connections he touched on a few months ago. I lived in Cincinnati for most of the Obama years, and was curious as to where the house you were selling is.

  8. Avatar Nate Coady
    Nate Coady says:

    Hey there,

    just a question I’d love to hear you guys discuss on ftb… At what point has Trump essentially “dissolved the Parliment?” Are we there yet? With the Federal judge backing down over the Flynn materials, it is getting scary.

    FYI, I’m going to ask Bob Cesca the same thing. Maybe the Gaslit Nation gals too. I think it needs to be discussed…

    Thanks from a relatively new fan,
    Nate Coady

  9. Avatar Shannon Bloom
    Shannon Bloom says:

    Alan Dershowitz had to take time out from counter suing Virginia Roberts, Epstein victim who has a suit against him for sexual abuse, to appear on FOX to smear a decorated Army officer and call him a traitor.

  10. What an amazing childhood!!! My brother and I used to do the same thing and put on shows for our parents. I really hope to meet you someday in the future. But for right now I’m so glad we had this time together

  11. Avatar Molly D
    Molly D says:

    Help me, PLEASE. Sean: perhaps you could tell me just WHY there is no movement, no talk, no mention, even, of the MEN who are the ones who made all those kids of single mothers? I’m so frustrated. I don’t get it. Just because the relationship dissolves, why does that mean the responsibilities of the man (who are the reason why these moms are single and these kids exist) dissolve, too? Of course, I’m fully onboard with programs, paid for by US, the taxpayers, to make sure these kids are safely housed, fed, get medical cares, and go to school. Of course I want that for them. But please somebody tell me WHY there is no talk of why all these men get to just make the babies and then check out? Why?