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  • Show #400

    Normally on a show number like today, Legs would’ve been asked to join.  Well, still reeling from the election, so perhaps on our 8th anniversary show…if Jody lasts that long!

    Nic was not in the Bunker today, Rick, David and Jody had the lovely Vince DonVito in his chair.  He has a boxer rescue site: www.boxer-rescue-la.com, in case you are looking for an addition to your family.

    On a programming note, Jody forgot to say it on the air…she is SO fired…Indie Media Weekly has moved the show to Thursdays at 8 pm.  You can get it here: http://indiemediaweekly.com/  Give the other shows over there some Bunker love.

    So, we hope you enjoy this week’s installment!

    Talk at you next week.


  • Show #289

    Full Bunker this week with Carlos Alazraqui and Vince DonVito!!!!

    So, freak out, Ebola is in the US!!! AHHHHHHH!!!

    For real stuff to be upset about:

    SCOTUS ruled that denying part of  Ohio’s early voting was A-OK!

    There was a football game last Sunday that had an interception leading to a touchdown.  The defensive player knelt down to Allah in thanks, he was flagged.  … Didn’t Jody call this exact issue years ago??

    More problematic issues with the Secret Service and the President.  The GOP blames Obama for it, naturally, since he appointed the head of SS…She resigned on Wed.  Good.

    Sarah Palin has an issue with the people at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC.   The plaza in front of the Williard, apparently, has issues with the truth.  Who knew??

    Michael Dunn, who killed Jordan Davis due to “loud music” was convicted of 1st Degree Murder.  Finally, some good news with these types of horrific crimes.

    There was an issue with Vince’s mic chord, Jody, therefore is fired, again.  Enjoy Doug Steckler next week!

    Talk at you later.