Show #331

Rick is a bit under the weather, so it was just Jody and Nic in the Bunker.  The show flew by!!  Over by 21 seconds, hopefully NetRoots Radio won’t cut us off.  And yes, Nic and Jody got along…Again!

So, Trump said some not so nice things about John McCain’s service in Vietnam.  The GOP goes crazy, but had no problems attacking Democrats in the past.

Sandra Bland was pulled over for a traffic violation and ended up dead in a jail cell.

Boehner blames Obama for CA’s drought.

And FOX News thinks we ought to rid the oceans of sharks so that we can swim.  No, seriously, that is not an Onion headline.

And much more!
Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

Talk at you later.


3 Responses to Show #331

  1. great show!! 🙂

  2. also, the chick sent me 😛 she wanted you to know.

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