Show #349

Legs and Nic were both in the Bunker today with Jody.   Hopefully, Rick will be back soon.  We know we need him on that wall.

The HIV drug guy is still a Shkreli.

The cop who killed Laquan McDonald in Chicago last year has been charged with murder.

Trump, Trump, Trump….

Is WWIII about to start?  Russia V Turkey.

A man accused of rape and serving 16 years for the crime was exonerated with DNA testing.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Talk at you later.



2 Responses to Show #349

  1. Nick shut stop talking about Australia, you have no clue what you are on about. If an Indian (old man) man was shot there (Australia) there would be would be a royal commission?

    Stop using Australia and the UK as a crutch to reinforce every single point you want to make. I live here, I’m Nigerian born and have lived here for 25 years. I’m a solicitor and well versed the Australian politics and the legal system. I find myself always rolling my eyes about things you say about this country “like Australia is horribly racist”. Or when you describe various aspects like our voting system or health, education or voting system and get it completely wrong. Your co-host have no idea so I don’t blame them for not calling you up on it.

    It’s my understanding that you lived here for a short time as a child. That means you know nothing of what Australia is like to live in as an adult.

  2. Nic’s stories about walking up to police and telling them off reeks of a privilege tool with a chip on his shoulder. Imagine anyone of color walking up to police and saying what he does. He did not acknowledge that people off coulor have issues and seemed to say that it’s their fault for not confronting police when they are questioned.