Show #361

There were some mic issues with Nic’s mic today, seemed to be fixed.  Rick didn’t make it in, but David Shockett did!

Justice Scalia died suddenly on Saturday.  And the GOP is already saying they won’t even have hearings for his replacement while President Obama is in office.

The GOP had a debate on Saturday as well, and well….Trump was right on some stuff and got booed.

Jody got a “hate” letter from a Stephanie Miller listener.  This person feels that Jody should vote for Hillary Clinton because Sec. Clinton is a woman.  No other reason.  Well, Jody will vote for Sec. Clinton, should she be the nominee, but Jody is for Bernie (and has been for a while-older listeners to this show know that) in the primary and will vote Blue in the general no matter who!  Scalia’s death should solidify the importance of a Democrat in the White House and a Senate and House to support that person.

Legal rape guy cancelled the “rallies” due to not being able to guarantee the participants’ safety.  Awwwww.

And much more!

Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

Talk at you next week.



2 Responses to Show #361

  1. I am a teacher in the Inglewood Unified School District. In your discussion on affirmative action, I believe it was Nick, but everyone seemed to concur, that children in poor neighborhoods like Inglewood and Compton are at a deficit because they have worse teachers than children in wealthier neighborhoods or who attend private schools like Harvard Westlake. I have worked in Inglewood schools for over twenty years and take offense at that. I am a good teacher, most of my colleagues are good teachers, and we work under extremely difficult conditions. Inglewood was mismanaged by a corrupt school board and the state hasn’t done the greatest job in supporting the schools after takeover. (Compton has had a similar situation.) The teachers work hard because they are dedicated to the students of Inglewood, but resources, conditions of school sites, and compensation are subpar. Please reconsider your rhetoric in assuming that of course the teachers aren’t as good as in places with cushier working conditions. Thank you.

    • Avatar fromthebunker
      fromthebunker says:

      Don’t recall anyone said that the teachers were worse in certain neighborhoods. Just that circumstances, which you acknowledge, are more difficult for students to learn in and teachers to teach in. But, perhaps we didn’t put it that way. We are hard core teacher supporters no matter where they work, and feel that those that work in harder conditions deserve more praise than those that work in cushier places. Our apologies, Doug. You are doing amazing work. And deserve better conditions and treatment from the city and state.