3 Responses to Show #399

  1. Avatar Amanda Adams
    Amanda Adams says:

    I wish I could be a part of the protests in NYC tonight. I am so angry and fearful of the election results. We should all be afraid.

  2. Avatar Lauren Leighton
    Lauren Leighton says:

    I am hearing Carol Burnett’s daughter worry about her health care being cancelled. This sounds a bit hysterical to me. Surely mom could throw a few bucks your way if you have a health problem.

  3. I was just going to throw out something I’ve heard a lot of on the radio this week. Potential people you may see on the Democratic ticket in 2020: Michelle Obama and Chelsea Clinton. I’ve heard this a lot and I wonder if that may happen. I don’t know about Michelle. I think the Obamas did great things in office, but I think they are tired and ready to be free of it. Many speculate, however, that The Clintons may “try to further their dynasty” through Chelsea. I wonder if she would/could be convinced to do this.