Show #447

Rick joined Jody in the Bunker today.
YAY!! America!! Good voter turnout made for a great Tuesday.
So many firsts and a repudiation of Trumpism.

When IS a good time to talk about gun control. After the Walmart in Denver and the church shooting in Texas, when will we learn?

Carter Page just doesn’t know when to shut up.

And much more!

Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.
Talk at you later!


One Response to Show #447

  1. UGH. Why Super delegates were created. Super delegates were created to help diversify the electors present at the National Convention. All delegates were previously elected directly from within a caucus structure. The issue that arose from this process was it was realized that common democratic activists were not able to compete in an insider’s process like a caucus. Back then Joe Blow would show up and want to try and be involved in the nominating convention and he/she would be running for the delegate seat against the district’s congressman, the state’s Senators (if he lived in the particular district) the state’s Governor, Treasurer etc. etc., this does not include the many various Mayors, State Senators and Reps. Those are just the sitting office holders, now add into the mix all the former office holders who are still alive and able to turn out voters. The super delegate system takes these powerful democrats out of the caucus system, and still allows deference to their position within the Party Structure while increasing the possibility that the “average” democratic activist would be able to win a delegate slot and participate in the presidential nominating process.
    The next batch of super delegates are the add-ons who run for those slots within the Democratic State committee process of “special” super delegates. This process typically take place after the local caucus and the state committee has a state wide caucus at their meeting to elect the various underrepresented populations delegates slots which they establish to better represent the diversity of a state’s delegation. So if only 2 minorities are elected in the various local caucuses and Hispanics or African Americans or Asians, or gay people or people with disabilities (the list is fairly extensive) etc are 10 or “X” percent of the state’s population then the State Committee will “Add-on” that number of delegate seats to properly represent the State’s Delegation to the National Convention that is reflective of that State’s diverse population. So Massachusetts which has X percent of black people will add on x amount of delegate seats reflecting that population, Vermont which has like 3 black people, clearly under these rules would not have many (any) African American delegates seats added to their state delegation. These are, primarily, the “Super Delegates” that troll Bernie and his band of Putin collaborators had the biggest issues with at the last presidential nomination. The greatest hypocrisy of this issue, is of course, the Co-author of this rules change in the Democratic Party’s delegate nomination process was Jessie Jackson’s field coordinator when he ran for president, and that dipshit was an asshole socialist from Vermont named Bernie Sanders.

    Regards Mike O’Brien
    AKA Mike Hunt