Show #521

Legs, David and Jody were in the Bunker.

Did Mueller write up an indictment on obstruction, according to Michael Wolff.

Hope Hicks may not honor a subpoena from the House. Apparently ignoring subpoenas is a thing now.

45 may deputize the military…oh joy!

And much more!

Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

Talk at you later!


2 Responses to Show #521

  1. Avatar The Angry Wheelchair Guy
    The Angry Wheelchair Guy says:

    I would like ur take on the enormous number of (Cabinet Seekers) Democrats running in 2020 at this point. It will dwindle down rather quickly after the debates start I would assume. I know you are fans of Pelosi, but the large number throwing their hats in the ring, I see as a serious lack of Democratic Leadership. The Republicans would never let this happen. I am over 50 as all of you, I think Pelosi and Schumer are out of touch with the changing times the party is facing. Anyway lay it on me!

  2. Avatar Melissa Stanley
    Melissa Stanley says:

    Hey everyone from the bunker am still listening to the podcast I have just been off the radar for awhile. Does Rick still join you guys?! X