Show #635

David & Jody were in the Bunker.

Gov. Cuomo is out.

The $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill passed in the Senate.

Jeffrey Clark and DJT may be in some serious trouble.

And much more!!

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2 Responses to Show #635

  1. There IS evidence against Coumo: pics & video throughout the yrs showing him grabbing women and “copping a feel” as he’s unexpactingly kissing them. Mon Coumo asst Melissa DiRosa resigns Tues: Coumo resigns, at 2pm that day Lt. Governor Kathy Hokull gives speech distancing herself from him & states anyone mentioned in A.G Laticia James report is gone. Wens: Hucull announced running for Gov in 2022. Thurs afternoon:: announced a $1000 plate dinner to support the campaign in Buffalo in next couple of days. As someone who was in Hoculls Congressional district I remember her running the Erie County DMV, then running for Erie Co Mgr, then Congress & etc, I think yea, Coumo should’ve resigned when the reports started coming out in ’18, but politically western NY supported him, was a good Gov, but don’t like the 11 reports & at least 3 diff counties (Monroe County is one) investigations & some of those counties already pressing charges. Don’t like him for that. And for the nursing home deaths coverup during Covid shutdown, by not making his nursing home “guidelines” law, and resulting sending people in hospital back to nursing homes. But yup, your right. He resigned to save the state $ on a impeachment, so the state will keep working, but to also to hopefully stop an impeachment & so it looks better for him so he can run for or be appointed to another political offy. What I was sorta surprised to hear was his brother Chris had to “strongly” urge him to resign.
    Would love to know what his daughter’s & his mom have to say about his actions & don’t think they’d appreciated him saying a female family member was raped and “what I did wasn’t as bad as that”.

  2. Agreed Coumo doing a CTA ( cover thy a**) during his resignation speach & yea trying to distance himself from the allegations~ going do far as to say “what I did wasn’t as bad as
    when a immediate female family member was raped”. Would love to know what his daughters & his mom have to say about what he’s done & about him saying that. So far 3 counties here in NY (Monroe is one) are about ready to charge Coumo w crimes.Yes, there’s pics & also video of him copping a feel of a woman as he, unexpectedly, kissed her when he was in Monroe County to see the flooding in 2019 along Lake Ontario. Reports of promoting a state trooper that wasn’t qualified to his detail cuz he liked her looks & other reports/allegations going back to ’18 maybe earlier. Ya, that & nursing home deaths/scandal=not good. That’s why we “Don’t care for him”. But he was good at leading the state at the beginning of Covid & finally passing a state budget in time. Surprised to hear that his brother had to “convince” him to resign. Some say he’s trying to stop being impeached so he can run for political offy later on. Lt governor Hocull is already distancing herself from him, said anyone mentioned in anyway shape or form in AG report is fired when she’ takes offy & already announced she’s running for Gov in ’22 & has a 1k plate dinner/fundraiser in Buff this weekend. I love 2 days before Coumo resigned his chief top aide/assistant Melissa DeRosa resigned but is staying on till he leaves offy. Hmm, wonder if she knew Hokull plans to fire her because she’s mentioned in the AG report just as much as Coumo is.