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  • Show #297

    Well, the Grand Jury in the Michael Brown case decided not to indict Darren Wilson.

    Marissa Alexander cut a deal with the Florida prosecutor.  She will spend 65 more days in prison, then 2 years on monitored probation.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Show #293

    So, a nurse, who voluntarily went to West Africa with Doctors without Borders to help those infected with Ebola, comes back to the US, is detained in New Jersey for 3 days testing negative for Ebola, finally gets released, heads to Maine, and is still virus free.  So, she doesn’t feel the need to be in quarantine, therefore she’s a horrible person.  Huh?

    Mitch McConnell touts his fight for Social Security to be privatized, Alison Grimes starts using it in her campaign against him, and then he starts to deny he touted it.  Um…he isn’t aware that we have these recording devices, is he?

    A father threatens with violence a teacher who is teaching world history because the teacher is teaching the fact of Islam’s influence on the aforementioned history.

    The cat call video that’s gone viral was discussed….Nic and Jody had a lively discussion….

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  • Show #284

    Legs and Erin Biglow joined us in the Bunker!!  Nic is on vacation at Burning Man.  Jody wants to know what vacation means…..

    So, it was revealed this week that Michael Brown’s family and friends set up a memorial right after he died in the spot where he died with flowers and candles.  The police allowed one of their dogs to urinate on it and subsequently ran over the entire memorial.  And why is anyone wondering there is a problem between the police and the citizens of Ferguson?

    We briefly touched on the police shooting of John Crawford in a Wal-Mart in Cincinnati a few weeks ago.  Now a video, seen by his family, reportedly shows that he wasn’t waving the BB GUN around, but was shot before even being told to drop the “weapon”.

    And there was a producer held, arrested and booked because he “fit the description” in Beverly Hills last Friday.

    We have to be 16 to drive, 18 to vote and 21 to drink, but apparently 9 years old is old enough to shoot a fully automated uzi.

    Oh, and the Emmys and the VMAs!!!  And “Boyhood”….

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