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  • Show #529

    Legs, David and Jody were in the Bunker.

    Mueller is going to testify on Wed. The DOJ is trying to control his testimony.

    Pence’s trip was cancelled due to a guy he was meeting was a drug trafficker.

    Pence’s nephew started the “Send her back” chant at Trump’s rally.

    And much more!

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  • Show #394

    Carlos Alazraqui joined Rick, David and Jody in the Bunker tonight.

    We talked about Trump.

    A SC cop that beat a man on his own mother’s porch.

    We talked about the debate.

    Carlos rocks some voice stuff.  He’s very good at that, if you haven’t noticed.

    And some other stuff…

    We hope you enjoy this installment.

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  • Show #315

    Looks like an agreement, at least a broad one, is at hand with Iran, the US, Russia, China, England, France and Germany.  Obviously this is bad at least according to the right wing.

    Indiana legislators claim to have a fix to their discrimination law.  We’ll see. In the meantime a Pizza place declares it won’t serve pizza at a gay wedding…honestly, what wedding gay OR straight would have pizza???  And due to Indiana shutting down its rural Planned Parenthood Clinics, they now are experiencing an HIV outbreak.

    And the new Daily Show host, Trevor Noah, has some explaining to do.  Comedy Central is backing him up, but shouldn’t they have maybe vetted him a little better?

    Plus…Jody got Lasik!  She can see things as she hasn’t in years.  Weird.

    Nic went on a religious rant…we know you are shocked.

    And much more!

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  • Show #314

    Ms. Perfect herself, Rebbecca Perfect is joining Rick, Nic and Jody in the Bunker along with Legs!!!  Jody hopes that the mic set up for Legs doesn’t break down like it did for Vince Don Vito a while back.  We’ll see…

    So, Mike Pence (R), Governor of Indiana has signed a bill that will allow discrimination of anyone based on a business owner’s religious beliefs.

    Ted Cruz, Senator from Canada…er….Texas has thrown his hat in the ring for President.  Oh, and he lost his health care through his wife (she has taken a leave of absence from Goldman Sachs) and will now get health care using the exchanges.  The exchanges he shut the government down for and wants to abolish.  Yeah, those.

    A man was released after 30 years on death row and the prosecutor comes out apologizing.

    And much more!!!

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

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