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  • Show #603

    David and Jody were in the Bunker for the last show of 2020!

    It was a pretty crappy year. As you all know.

    Ending, apparently, with McConnell not allowing the $2000 in relief money to pass the Senate, at least as of this recording.

    Georgia, it is up to you to save us all! Ossoff and Warnock!

    And we argued about WW84, Jody’s correct that it was awesome, David was wrong that it was not.

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you next week!

    Happy and Safe New Year to you all!


  • Show #429

    Nic and David joined Jody in the Bunker.  Rick is recovering from hernia surgery.  We hope he will be back next week.

    So, we began speaking about Philando Castile’s murder and the acquittal of his murderer.   Where is the NRA’s support of Castile?

    Charleena Lyles was shot and killed in Seattle by police, whom she called thinking there was a burglary.

    Cosby’s trial ended up in a mistrial.

    More race relations talk from Nic and David.

    Ossoff lost, but don’t despair.

    And much more!

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you later.