3 Responses to Show #562

  1. Oh,What a great show you guys!!! First of all, my condolences to Mr. Waggoner’s friends and family. Second, I’m glad to hear your lovely voices. You guys really have good chemistry. Thank you both for the info, tips n tricks on this whole crazy situation. I really enjoy your shows together. Its a great combination of politics and other current events and the best is, no one is talking over anyone else ? Last but not least, Be well, keep drinking your coffee n wine (don’t forget wine) and I’ll listen at you in TWO weeks again. ??

  2. Avatar Jan Begley
    Jan Begley says:

    Lol ” hunker in the bunker”. Yup and sing the new title to “Bungle In The Jungle”…

  3. I’ve been listening for some time now. I do enjoy the show for the most part. A few shows back David said that two people can have a conversation but three is just talking. What I’ve heard over these many weeks is that David likes his own voice. He doesn’t look for a conversation, he just wants his viewpoints heard. At least that’s my opinion. I did find it strange that when he was asked about how his club was doing he shifted the subject to some kind of racial issue. It also seems that every other week David touts numbers then weeks later we all see that these numbers are wrong, but David comes back on and touts new numbers never saying just how wrong he was from weeks before. Maybe David needs to do more research and less just telling us what he read earlier that day. On this show David was quite emphatic about Trump Jr being in the 2024 ticket, to me this is just more far-left conspiracy garbage. He has no proof, no references, he has nothing. He said the same thing about Trump not leaving the WH when he loses. Where is the justification for him saying any of this? And, as much as I enjoy the show, why isn’t anyone checking him on this? And finally, when David is proven wrong, regarding the Faberge Shampoo, he doesn’t apologize. David sounds like a typical white male employer. I do enjoy the show, Jody’s view, and Legs when he’s on.