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    Jan Begley says:

    Wondering if you know the answer to this; if someone wants to become a Patreon sponsor of the show~ do they have to pay monthly or can they just do 1 payment for the year? Also after signing up would they have access to the past Patreon shows? Cuz that be a great Christmas present for people.

  2. Here in NY they’re about to release Eric Smith (age 41) who killed a 3 yr old boy when he was 13. A local tv station posted (whec.com then search for Eric smith) the transcript of his latest parole hearing. Smith was the 1st to be sentenced in NY as a adult (sentence length) and was transferred from j.v. to prison when he turned 18. It details how the murder occurred that day & he mentions the difference between the 2 systems. Interesting note; family history of verbal & emotional abuse & 1 wk after the murder he confessed to his grandpa who was the police chief. I do not think that kids should serve w adults & couldn’t decide if they should serve a adult term. After reading the report I now am more planted in the middle seeing both sides cuz now see both sides of the coin.